Fountain Trevi

Throwing a coin in a fountain to make a wish seems like a ritual we’ve all come accustomed to, and without knowing it’s origin, we pass this ritual on to our children.  Fountains residing in town squares and malls get filled with coins, all on the basis that a wish will come true.

Trevi Fountain

Legend has it,  that Roman soldiers looking for pure water in the year 19BC, were led to a stream by a virgin girl, and known as the Aqua Virgo.  (The name “fountain trevi” literally means “fountain at three roads”, referring to the location of the fountain, where three roads meet.) This pure water source served Rome for more than 400 years, until a war broke the aqueduct.  Drinking from this water source was said to provide good fortune and a fast return to Rome.

In the 15th Century,  Romans built fountains at the endpoint of their aqueducts, and over the next few centuries the fountain was built to what it is today.  Pictures of the Fountain over the years.

Instead of drinking from the fountain, the tradition was replaced with tossing a coin in the fountain.  Rome is a romantic place, and therefore the legends evolved to promise a romantic conotation.

Throwing a coin into the wishing fountain will ensure a return to this romantic place.  With your back to the fountain, throw the coins with your right hand, over your left shoulder.  Throwing two coins into the fountain will result in a new romance, and three will result in marriage.

For those in the USA, tossing a coin into a fountain while wishing for any desire, will result in your wish coming true.  Browse through the wishing fountains to find one near you, or near your next vacation destination.

Picture: Via Wikipedia