The Buckingham Fountain in Chicago Illinois

Buckingham Fountain

Chicago Illinois Wishing Fountain

According to the Chicago Park District:

The Fountain, one of the largest in the world, is located at Columbus Drive and Congress Parkway in Grant Park.The Fountain opened on May 26, 1927. It was dedicated on August 26, 1927.

The Buckingham Fountain was designed by Edward H. Bennett. It represents Lake Michigan. It is surrounded by four sea horses, built by Marcel Loyau, to symbolize the four states that touch the lake: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

The designed Edward Bennett attributed the design specifically to the influence of the Latona Basin in Louis XIV’s gardens at Versailles.

Kate Buckingham dedicated the structure to the people of Chicago in 1927 in memory of her late brother, Clarence. At the time, she also established a $300,000 trust fund to ensure that the taxpayers would never have to cover all of the repair and upkeep costs associated with the fountain.
The Fountain is constructed of Georgia pink marble.